Saturday, March 31, 2012

Stone cottage in the Country

Could this be it! Our country getaway?? Hubby and I have been searching for about a year now for a special little place away from Melbourne and this could be the one! Well I'm not sure really but I'm hoping as I have been dragging him around country Victoria since last August looking and finally a lovely example of Bluestone history is for sale. How amazing it would be to have a getaway to go to that is indeed a special part of history. I believe this lovely little stone cottage must have been built around 1860/70s. Off for another drive now - fingers crossed!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Favorite shots

I thought I'd share with you my 2 favourite shots of the season! I love these shots, taken at the beautiful Abbotsford convent in front of what we believe is an old shop. The wall has stunning texture, and amazing personality, and was a perfect backdrop for our new table linen.

Actually the whole new catalogue is rather special, a lot of team effort went into the creative process and we are all very excited and proud of the outcome, if you would like us to send you one no problem, click here to request our brand new Winter catalogue.

Have a lovely weekend!  

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Jaipur visit

When we arrived home from India this trip I actually wondered if there was any possibility that I would be lucky enough, or brave enough, to ever live in such a marvellous, mysterious, yet confronting country. With every trip I see more and learn more. I am fortunate enough to visit India twice a year and this must have been about my 30th trip! But this trip was different, I travelled with Jess, our Aura Sales and Product Co-ordinator. What a fabulous trip we had, the excitement of seeing the very first samples of our new Spring/Summer 2013 collection being hand crocheted, printed and woven right in front of us. We travelled to Delhi & Bangalore and also to Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan where I have only been once before on holiday with my husband around 7 years ago!

Entering into the old city in Jaipur (founded in 1727) through the gates is always an emotional experience, immediately inspired , this is a city like no other! Jaipur is known as "The Pink City" and the locals are required to repaint their houses a terracotta colour to ensure it stays pink! We had a great visit to the City Palace to see some jaw dropping hand carving and painting!

Then off to the Johri Bazaar, this gentleman was very happy (we believe because he totally over charged me - oh well :) after walking around the back streets lost for a while it was worth the assistance! Johri is full of Jewellery and textiles as well as amazing colours and smells!

Some hard bargining was done with these 2 fella's and we ended up with 3 beautiful cutwork coverlets to take home at a great price, hand wash all the way I'm afraid! Chai anyone!


We were lucky enough to watch hand knotted rugs and block printing - what an art! Such beautiful work and the colours just shone in the sun!

Now that we are home we are looking forward to receiving all of our beautiful new samples for our next AURA collection! And I will definitely be returning to Rajasthan...