Saturday, October 3, 2009

AURA haven Spring Summer 09 photoshoot

Earlier this year we photographed our AURA haven spring summer 2009 collection. The aim was to create a totally new look. I wanted the shoot to reflect the natural aspects of the range and the soft elegant textiles while being a very modern take on "haven" - for this we decided to shoot in the studio and create the look with modern textured back drops and fabulous accessories. Sets where built and walls where changed - the outcome is beautiful I am so happy and I dont think that anyone is achieving anything quite this elegant at the moment. AURA Haven has just been delivered into stores and here's an inspirational look at the behind the scenes "creating" that was done on the day.


  1. Wow I have always wondered what it looks like on the inside of a studio of the makings of this type of photography. Thanks for sharing this. I love it.

    Regards Georgia

  2. I love Aura, it's definitely the best out there!