Friday, September 30, 2011

Country living


Inspiration for my new house in the country, from here. 

Thursday, September 29, 2011

My New Tea Cosy

Some things just bring a tear to my eye and when my mother in law presented me with this stunning tea cosy for my birthday, I was pretty overwelmed - the thought that she would make this for me is just wonderful and I love it! The pattern is from Loani Prior's "Really wild tea cosies"
which is just fabulous and I hope one day in the future to have enough time to do abit of "craft" myself. Thank you Betty! x

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Prunella Spring Workshop

On my mission to explore the country and my new love of anything "Country Style" I headed up to Kyneton for the weekend. While the boys played golf I tried my hand at Prunella's Spectacular Spring Workshop! We where treated to beautiful delicacies (above) and French Bubbles by Vanessa and Caris, while teaching us the art of Quail egg blowing and bird nest making to decorate our individual glass cloches. What a wonderful relaxing afternoon - thank you ladies!

My masterpiece at work above and another lovely ladies creation in the making below!

Some beautiful inspirational shots inside the store - a simple and stunning feature on a lamp.

A new respect for pink, with these Spanish vintage bottles, I had to have one for my glass cloche to sit my exotic orchid in.

My finished masterpiece! I am very proud I love the orchid with the feathers - both with tints of pink within the little Spanish Pink Glass bottle... Not sure who won golf - sorry boys for my bad navigation and getting stuck at the back of the golf course on the 4 wheel drive track (bad form in a MINI!) and needing to be "man rescued" woops!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My new love of Terrariums

After reading a lovely inspiring post on The Design Files this week we got in contact with Clea from Miniscapes and had two beautiful Terrariums delivered for a rather important meeting in the AURA showroom tomorrow. Thank you Clea for being so helpful and amazingly quick. We love them!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Grandma's ducks

Reading through the first issue of Heart Home - a new UK online mag I found this great shot and I wonder if Grandma would be disappointed if I did this with the ducks she gave me???

Not sure I could do it but I do love it! 

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Emporium Magazine

A lovely shot of our new Maxwell in Artichoke in the latest Myer Emporium - Spring magazine, and below some new range cushions and coverlets. Its great to see new products arriving in the stores as the weather starts to shine!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Prunella in Country Style

What a fabulous surprise when I got home to my new subsciption of Country Style magazine (thankyou to by beautiful Mother!) And opened it up to a lovely story on two very talented and creative ladies, a white ago I visited their gorgeous store Prunella in Kyneton and met the very passionate Vanessa, I have been googling country properties ever since. For my last post on the store click here. 

This is not a huge store but it is just so beautiful I was lost for words when i entered, this story is very inspiring and the styling by Mr Proebstel and photography by Ms Cairns is to dye for (like usual).

The interior of their store above and below. Does make you hope that someone special will bring you flowers home tonight (hint!)

Get yourself a copy of the Sept issue so you can read this lovely story if you are considering a Tree change like myself, and because it is a great issue and is fast becoming my new favourite magazine.