Thursday, December 31, 2009

Summer Barbeques

So its Summer - and that feeling of total holiday mood is setting in - it definately hit us in Melbourne with yesterday being 36C! I have actually been entertaining since Christmas and been trying to convince the husband that we need a new BBQ - I went and checked out these lovely little Webers and decided I would love to cook on the flavour of a charcoal BBQ (and I think it would look cool out the front of our 1954 house) - but as we already have a perfectly good gas BBQ the option was to clean ours - OMG can I ask where some men get their BBQ licenses from! So after a day and a half bringing ours back to life I suggest to you all that you make sure your men are cleaning the Barbie and not just cooking on it! I had to toss up whether I would have been better off making a new purchase compared to the labour involved! Happy New Year everyone and I hope your BBQ is in good condition for tonight! Tip - if your keen I brought a Pizza Stone and cooked Ben O'Donoghue's Seafood Pizza and I was pretty impressed with my first attempt!

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