Sunday, February 7, 2010

Hand screen printing

Hundreds of used screens - if they are not used for reprints they re use the metal frames by re stretching them. 
All the screens are hand drawn for colour separation - this is a very unique skill to be able to create the screens - they have to recreate each tiny mark and line on artwork sent to them. They could do it by photograph but say that these guys skills are so good that they prefer to continue to hand do it - brilliant!

One of the many screens that where made for our new table linen sampling. 
Colour matching pantones!! Yes believe it or not and they do a fantastic job getting the colours right.
And finally the hand Screen printing in action. 

I thought I would show you some images from my visit to a hand screen printing factory in Delhi. It was an interesting day to see that they are still hand printing basically how we did at Uni but on a huge scale.
These guys have some amazing skills and will be hopefully printing our new table linen collection for Summer 2011!  


  1. Amazing! Must take them forever.

  2. Lovely post Tracie! What a great insight into the production process. It's nice to know that your textiles are hand-printed and hand-engraved.