Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Beautiful Macrame work of Small Town

White Suede boutique in Chapel St Prahran, VIC.
Deep Sea lamp shade
Knotted Egg light - just beautiful
Large Macrame necklace 
The revamp of Fur Hairdressing Salon in Fitzroy Vic, featuring stunning large white & purple Macrame Pot hangers in the front windows. 

I am in the middle of trying to think up creative ideas for our stand at the up and coming Melbourne Gift Fair in August, we haven't ventured into Gift Fair land for a while so I want to make sure we make an impact amongst the masses of stands displaying their wares! Well I came across the beautiful work of Small Town, who specialise in making Macrame pieces of Art, each piece is hand knotted and finished to create timeless individual work. I love it they are all stunning, as well as wanting a piece for home they would be perfect in our showroom and for the gift fair - just one more reason to have our own AURA store, that I keep dreaming about, I could just imagine these beautiful works of art hanging filled with sparkly cushions in all their glory. 

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  1. Love the macrame resurgence! Remember learning it in the 70's as a kid. The knotted egg light is gorgeous.