Friday, June 18, 2010

Our new Ena table linen has started!

Our new Ena napkins and tapas Napkins being printed - just like we did at uni - although on a bigger scale and these fellows have amazing skills to match up the repeat on this one! 
Hanging out to dry
Ena Olive - Tablerunners drying - soon to go to new homes! 
 Placemats drying - ready to be cut up and stitched into individual mats. 

I thought I would share with you a sneak peak at our Ena tablelinen being hand screen-printed - it is great to see each product being made and I am getting images daily from the factory - I am very excited as the tablelinen is a special range for us to celebrate our anniversary collection for our 10th birthday! 


  1. Really interesting to see Tracie..Kathee

  2. I travelled to India earlier this year to hunt out traditional block printers and came across screenprinters - such great images - brings back fun memories!

  3. These are beautiful Tracie - I especially like the name of the range :) Kath