Thursday, March 31, 2011

Back to the 1950s - a before and after

I was hunting through our renovation reciepts this morning and found these amazing old photos from The State Library of our house the year it was built in 1954! So I thought I would do abit of a before and after post! Our beautiful kitchen designed by John & Phyllis Murphy in the 1950s above with the servery and now below as one big open space, how life changes. Recently the son of Phyllis sent me a letter after seeing our house in Inside Out Magazine and I was very excited at the thought that she had seen the renovation and hope that she thought that we have done the house proud. 
And below the old built in stereo, how fantastic that would have been, unfortunately it was long gone when we brought the house, and the underneath shot, after the renovation and the whole stereo wall was removed to create a more open space. 

Our beautiful Wisteria tree, above in 1954 and below about a year ago, it is still going strong and now covers the whole front deck, we were worried during the renovation and the deck building but she has  survived the builders well.

These stunning recent shots of our house where taken by Sharyn Cairns. And our renovation was designed by the very talented Emma Tulloch of Nixon Tulloch Fortey Architecture. I hope your having a great Thursday! x


  1. I never tire of seeing your beautiful home, it's exactly to my taste. The before pictures are great too, it's so interesting to see how the house was when it was first built.

  2. Thanks Julie - it was amazing to be able to find shots of our house the year it was built, and helpful in the renovation to know just how things where meant to be, before anyone had added their "touches".