Saturday, June 4, 2011

Bike ideas

I've been doing abit of research lately on a new bike, after managing to sell my mountain bike on ebay so now I have the exciting challenge ahead of finding a new one. Looking around I have found out that ladies bikes have definately become a total fashion statement of style! What to ride? There are seriously some stylish bikes around and some are really built for looking lovely over speed - I fancy abit of both to be honest. Above, I'm loving the pearlescent Aqua Blue of this beautiful Neorealista a sporty Italian hand made bike from the Bella Ciao collection, and below the luxury cromed Moscova bike! This could be just a touch to "show off" for me.

Below is the Pilen Special, looking lovely in cream, "Pilen bikes are about Love - of bicycle riding, of the craftmanship, of the materials and of the people who own them". 

This beauty below is the Victoria Balloon from Velorbis - "the most prestigious two wheels you will ever own" the Victoria comes with these very cool brown Fat Frank balloon tyres, and luxurious brown leather accessories, a beautiful brooks saddle, handle trims and mud flaps. With a swan like shape it is stunning and i do fancy those leather satchels - made in Germany, this would definately set me back a few bob!

And my favorite at the moment is definately below, the Electra Ticino - I have been googling for weeks and if looks are anything to go by this beautiful lady is the winner - i'm loving the diamond shaped frame and the cool graceful vintage design but still looking very sporty. I think I will head out this weekend for some test riding to make a decision. Now I just have to be able to find one to ride? But dont worry you will never see me doning the lycra on this baby!

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