Monday, June 20, 2011

Costa Lanta Krabi

There is an obvious reason why I have the need to talk about holidays on Monday mornings im sure! Hubby and I are searching for a romantic getaway and yesterday I found this to die for location - Costa Lanta, on Koh Lanta - please take me here!!! Years ago we went to Koh Lanta on advice from our very good friends and loved it - I remember paying for our room in the dinner bill as the room was $7! Things have gone up abit on Koh Lanta the rooms at the Costa Lanta are 3200- 4900Baht $98-$151 AUD (but make sure to go before October 31st as it then doubles in price) a bargin if you ask me. I am loving the concrete walls and the wooden walls which push back to let you lye in bed surrounded by nature. Ahh yes please.

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  1. My physio stayed at this resort and he loved it! it was for his honeymoon so perhaps you and your husband could have a 2nd honeymoon there too!