Sunday, June 12, 2011

My Heart Wanders

I struggle to read, I want to read, but I just struggle in my day to day life to put the time aside for reading. But being ill this week (and through the long weekend- not great!) has given me time to read Pia Jane Bijkerk's lovely book "My Heart Wanders" - I was actually visiting a bike shop a couple of weeks ago and it happened to be across the road from the very lovely Scarlet Jones, where I managed to buy a Matta dupatta scarf that I have always admired and this lovely signed copy of Pia's book.

Pia's book was very easy to read, I loved the opening of the book in which she described being at a fork in the road, one way lead to her normal everyday life, the other to a new exciting but somewhat scary adventure. An adventure that we should all at least consider for ourselves one day. A very honest rendition of her life moving around with her family and then by herself, a pleasure to read and admire the lovely shots all taken by Pia.

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