Sunday, July 10, 2011

Office Makeover - Lonny Magazine

I'm very inspired to take some time to turn our AURA office space into a haven of creation after reading the latest Lonny Magazine article on their fabulous office makeover. These shots are of their office in Manhattan which they turned from "unslightly" to a beautiful place to work. I love the front office (top) and the use of the narrow desks to turn a small space into a fabulously good looking work area - good tip for home where you usually have less room or have to share with a loved one. And then the Back office with the use of the "theme - mood" wall in a deep shade is a great look and the multi space desk which makes good use of a small space and gives room for more than one creative mind to work.

Then Michelle's (co-founder and editor in chief) office - this is great - gone is the conventional desk for a round table/desk and what a lovely space full of her favourite things - a way to make going to work each day a lovely experience. I have to get the thinking cap on with the team to see what we can come up with to make our office a vision of AURA design - first things first our daggy office chairs just have to go!!

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