Monday, August 29, 2011

Beautiful India

Welcome to India - I haven't been to Delhi since the Commonwealth games and it certainly has changed. After travelling to Delhi for over 14 years now it was a very welcoming surprise to arrive at a beautiful new airport. The lovely man that greated me at the airport said "yes madam the the city is changing fast - but the people they never change" Thats the beauty of India - the people!

Inspiration everywhere including the super cool dudes driving the tut tuts to the fancy Kainoosh restaurant in Vasant Kunj, which is definately the place to be. With an incredibly hip interior fitout i am loving the cutwork screens and the Tom Dixon lights, that I am now wanting for the kitchen at home. And the food was amazing too!

Being in India does have a way of making me feel like I could be back in Colonial times, the impecable dress of these lovely fellas! And below a traditional hand weaving loom kept as a symbol of the beginnings of this beautiful Silk weaving mill in Bangalore.

The beauty of jacquard velvet being woven - hundreds of threads going into create this amazing fabric.

A welcoming outdoor lunch, I love Indian food! Below was a great lunch made for me, bring on Summer so we can sit outside at home!

The beautiful circular staircase leading up to the showroom. The colour of the stain on the wood is something that will always remind me of being in India.

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  1. Fantastic post Tracie - can almost smell the taste of India from here...