Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Blue - my new addiction!

It seems strange after all of these "non" Blue years that I have developed a new love for the colour Blue. I believe that I am the last of the AURA team to have this love of Blue - and I have fallen hard. When you see images like this above and below it's easy to see why.

Tie dye - yes please!! And the wall below is gorgeous against the white, wood and the lovely must have chair. Both from here.

Dining room (I think I can do this? But would I have the time? Not sure but it looks good) and love the Grey rugs and ottoman with the strong blue in this lounge


  1. Hello Tracie, I'm a newbie to your blog. Do you have any idea where to find the beautiful, grey doily-like rug in the bottom picture. I imagine it would cost a fortune. It's just so lovely.

  2. Hi Debbie, Thanks for reading my blog! The image with the amazing Grey rug is from here - http://www.curbly.com/users/diy-maven/posts/9703-25-blue-rooms. And it looks like they have found it here; http://www.shelterness.com/ I've had a search through the site and got lost for half an hour with so many other things to look at but I couldn't find the rug but they are an USA website. Sorry I couldn't be of more help :(

  3. That's alright, Tracie. I appreciate you trying....even if it did mean you getting deliciously lost :)