Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Annie Smithers Garden Tour

Recently we where lucky enough to meet the wonderful Annie Smithers and be taken on a personal tour of her very inspirational working Garden in Malmsbury, country Victoria. The garden grows up to 90% of the produce used in her 2 restaurants. Since the tour I have been propagating my own seeds and working on making our own home garden into a "tiny" version of a kitchen garden....

Above is Annie in action on her very much loved red tractor! And below fabulous images of her acre of kitchen garden. 

Beautiful Carrots above, I have high aspirations for my home garden now!

Could this be the most beautiful Radicchio I have ever seen??? I think so!

Total Fennel envy!

Wondrous meters of berries! Annie also produces stunning jams and preserves from her gardens produce. 

Annies very elegant French Toulouse Geese slightly camera shy but absolutely stunning with their "fluffy" feathers on show. So if you are a keen home garden like we are then I highly recommend giving Annie a visit and getting your hands on her fabulous new book, which is full of recipes using the gardens produce and also a very inspiring read.  


  1. What a stunning vegie garden..the colours!!! There is nothing better than picking vegies from your garden and turning them into dinner, you really taste the difference. These vegies would also look amazing displayed in vases instead of flowers!!! Beautiful.

  2. ABsolutly gorgeos! Love it! When can I move in?

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