Sunday, February 27, 2011

A day in Sydney

Mr Bromley's work on the side of the Greenhouse by Joost at the passenger terminal at Circular Quay - fabulous "Pop up" restaurant which was previously in Fed Square Melbourne. But this one has a slightly better view! This is when you get just that bit jealous of Sydney. 
The outside of the Greenhouse, the walls made from straw bales set into a steel framework are covered in Strawberry plants, apparently they will all be composted when the cafe moves on - everything is made from recycled and sustainable materials. Read more here.
Not so excited about a glass of Vino out of a jar - but I did like the beer bottle glasses. 

Sydney is more about traditional pubs than Melbourne - we seem to renovate them all and make them into trendy venues while Sydney keeps the Pub tradition alive. 
The market at The Rocks, which seemed to be set up to cater for the hundreds of tourists off the rather large cruise boat that was in town! The Amsterdam. 
Abit of Aboriginal art for the Tourists - they where actually quite lovely, amazingly detailed work in the tapestry patterning. 
 A bit of glass blowing in 35 degree heat - I had to admire his creative skills in this heat! 
Our market purchase - my new eel skin wallet thanks to my husband - I love the colour! 
I was lucky enough to have a day out and about in Sydney last week with my husband being a tourist (while the team was at the gift fair - thanks guys! :) being from Melbourne we do always tend to think of ourselves as the city of bars and restaurants but I have to say Sydney is an amazing place that seems to be constantly sunny and gorgeous! We started the day over at Watsons Bay and felt like we were in Queensland with all of the tanned bodies and beach activity. Then a lovely ride on the Ferry in the sun and we where in Circular Quay amazed by a huge Cruise boat "The Amsterdam" and alot of very well dressed tourists not realising it was going to be 35 degrees that day! A walk around The Rocks and the undercover market and then late lunch at The Greenhouse by Joost followed by a catch up with Jess to find out the gossip of the fair and a great dinner at The Winery. A good day was had by all x

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  1. Great pictures! And the bright yellow of your new wallet is stunning!

    I've featured Aura on my Brisbane-based blog The Spring today, and would love for you to check it out/re-tweet the post announcement. I'm a recent transplant to Brisbane, and through writing my blog I'm having such fun discovering all the amazing creative work being done here in Australia. I have to let you know, Aura's designs and website are the most lovely I've come across, and I so admire the beautiful work you're doing.
    - Catherine at The Spring