Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hanging Baskets - are there any cool ones???

Amazing climbing plant Trellis from Terrace Outdoor Living
Now heres a couple of lovely hanging baskets. 
Or go all the way and spend the cash on this unique and fabulous macrame hanging basket, found some interested versions on macrame hanging baskets on this quite cute one below which is a hand woven hanging wall or door basket.!
The craze of indoor plants has hit me, my lovely mother in law has given me a Hoya plant and I have been wondering where and what to get to make it look cool? Its not that easy finding good looking hanging pots I tell you! I have found many a website/blog that tells you how to make these adorable flash backs from the 60's like this one here - Make a wild hanging basket- but not so many on how to actually buy something that doesnt look like its out of granny's fernery or that you cant put fruit in, although the red vintage tiered wire hanging fruit basket above is pretty cute. 

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