Thursday, March 17, 2011

Moonlight Escape

We had the pleasure of staying for 4 fabulous nights at the wonderful Moonlight Escape at Moonlight Head, near Johanna on the Great Ocean Road in Victoria last weekend. Moonlight Escape was designed by Glen Murcutt, this amazing house has the most beautiful natural light that streams in through multiple "saw tooth" angled skylights and wide glass windows that look out at the 10 - yes we counted 10 kangaroos who feed and play each morning and afternoon outside the master bedroom - hours of entertainment for our dog! It was a very relaxing stay and we where also spolit by moody floor lighting, Vola taps, that I have always wanted at home and Gaggenau appliances, that I now want at home! Have a look here for more images. 

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  1. I have also stayed at Moonlight Escape and it is a wonderful place, we first saw it on the getaway show! And it didn't let us down! Rebecca