Saturday, March 19, 2011

The inspiration of the Great Ocean Road

Last weekend we ventured out of town and drove down the Great Ocean Road to visit some amazing places, sometimes you forget how beautiful your own country is with our desires to travel overseas for adventure! Above is the stunning landscape of the limestone cliffs at the 12 Apostles, there is a fantastic walk that goes along the great southern ocean itself, read more here.  I just love the colours and the movement of the grasses and the abundant ground covers.

Below the beautiful Melba Gully, with the largest Tree Ferns I have ever seen and the most amazing tones of greens. There was slight emotion when we walked through the lush, tropical rainforest to our destination "The Big Tree" but to our distress the Big Tree is no longer - only the huge trunk laying on its side in the silent rainforest.

Those that know me would know that this is a big deal to me - I have a rather large fear of heights and the Otway Fly Tree Top adventure was out to test this fear of mine big time. But unlike the swinging wooden bridges in Peru, that completely freaked me out, this is a beautiful canopy walk that is a 600 mt long very sturdy metal structure that felt incredibly safe. The views where spectacular walking amongst the tree tops you could stop and hear the huge trees sway in the wind at 25-30 metres above the rainforest floor - from the ground you would never realise just how much these huge Mountain Ash
move in the wind. Apparently the walk is the longest and highest of its kind in the world able to withstand winds up to 280 km/h - luckily we didnt have to test that! 
Heartbreak as we get to Timboon and the sign says "Sorry we are closed" I was looking forward to visiting Timboon Cheese but for those of you that would like to know it closes at 4pm! The shots above are of the wonderful manucured gardens - I remember visiting years ago and sitting for hours in the garden nibbling on some of their spectacular cheese. Hopefully we will go back when it is open again one day. 

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