Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Weekend Tea Cosy inspiration

This weekend I was greatly inspired, yet again, by my very talented Mother in law and her amazing nibble fingers at the age of 86. Above are a collection of her Tea Cosies she has made, some patterns are from the crafty goddess, or as she calls herself the "Tea Cosy Queen" Loani Prior and her books Wild Tea Cosies. You can check out Loani's very colourful and entertaining Blog Grand Purlbaa here and her books and other Tea Cosy books here.  


  1. Hello Tracey
    Tried to leave a comment earlier but traveling has taken the edge off using technology. It doesn't work well often enough. hopefully today.
    You have a beautiful blog here and please tell your mother in-law thank you thank you for making my little tea cosy designs and well, all those other gorgeous tea cosies too. I love the way she uses colour. All bright and cheerful - just as tea cosies should be.
    The best to you and yours

  2. Well hello Loani - what a lovely surprise to have you comment on my blog! I have sent your comments to my brother in law to print out to take to my mother in law as she will be stoked! And she isnt too into computer's. On our last visit to Bendigo she was in full discussion about your lovely Tea Cosies with her friend and I discovered your blog - what beautiful inspiring colours. Safe travelling! x