Sunday, January 8, 2012

Our new Veggie Garden part one

Well I've done it, actually we did it, thank you very helpful husband! Although on the 3rd trip to the Nursery in search of organic seedlings he was getting abit over it (they are not that easy to find!) so thanks for hanging in there. I thought I'd show you the making of our new Veggie and Herb garden - which we are both pretty proud of achieving and hope to enjoy home grown veggies in the months to come. Below is the arrival of our Steel raised Veggie patch which we found at Garden World. 

And then off we went with the aid of our newly purchased "The Little Veggie Patch Co" book on how to grow food in small spaces - for the amateur gardener I can highly recommend the book - as well as being very informative it is full of humour which kept me entertained. In search of Organic fertiliser, Compost, Pea Straw and other things - only thing I am still trying to locate is Worm Castings - yep Worm poo! Looks like I will have to wait till they come back from holidays to get it directly from them.

Back home and the soon to be garden is in location - with the use of a spirit level and shovel we were ready to start filling with layers to create our no dig garden. 

Our second layer of Pea Straw is in and we are realising it takes a lot to fill a 1200x700x800 sized space. There could be another trip to the Nursery involved as we don't have enough compost to fill it!

And another 8 bags of Compost should do it! Now off to do more research on what to plant! 

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