Sunday, January 8, 2012

Our new Veggie Garden - part two

Now to fill our new garden. I read up on what to plant and all about companion plants, I have definitely learnt alot over the last few days. We had our work cut out for us locating organic seedlings, after just filling our garden with totally organic materials, I wanted to make sure we where only planting organic seedlings and seeds. We headed over to Ceres in Brunswick, what a fabulous place that is, a Community Environmental Park and Urban Farm. Amongst many other things they propagate their own seedlings and we where able to find organic Climbing Beans, Red Lettuce, Italian Parsley and Sweet Basil.

Across town and we found organic and Heirloom seeds for our Carrots, Lebanese Cucumber, Eggplant and Zucchini's (which I now realise won't all fit!). And below, our first planting of Climbing Beans with Bamboo poles in the anticipation that they will indeed climb!

Then the addition of gorgeous little Red Lettuce's, Sweet Basil and Italian Parsley.

And then off to buy more Mulch for around the bases of the seedlings. The empty looking Compost on the lower left hand side is full of lovely Carrot seeds and the lower right hand side is hopefully going to be a healthy Lebanese Cucumber!

Then for a layer of protective mesh, as we were planting the bird chirping seemed to be getting louder with excitement. So we thought we best add some mesh so the lovely little seedlings and seeds are still there in the morning.

Then the water. Hubby added a little drip irrigation system in and attached it to our existing water tank (I have to say he is abit of a legend!) So finally all done, now to cross our fingers for the exciting times ahead - that we may be eating our own Vegetables and Herbs in weeks & months to come!

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