Monday, July 23, 2012

Channeling Constance

Last weekend I was lucky enough to have a day out with Mum in the country. We set off to a fabulous flower workshop called "Channeling Constance" at Prunella, our lovely friends in Kyneton. As well as being expertly guided in our creative arranging we were given a background on Constance. 

Constance Spry is one of their ongoing inspirations, an amazing woman who started her first flower shop in 1929, back when only men arranged flowers. She caused a sensation in fashionable society with her natural flower arranging in unusual containers and objects, using not only flowers but plant materials unheard of at the time; including weeds, grasses and ornamental kale! Constance created the flowers for many a royal wedding as well as being commissioned in 1953 to set the scene with floral creations at Westminster Abbey for Queen Elizabeth II's coronation. 

On 3 Jan 1960, she slipped on the stairs at Winkfield Place and died an hour later. Her last words were "Someone else will have to arrange this" now thats one cool lady! 

A special mention of Mums gorgeous creation above! And mine below!

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  1. Looks amazing, what a lovely thing to do with your Mother!