Friday, July 27, 2012

Escape to the Country - it was worth the wait!

So it has been a bit of a journey over the past year, with a lot of trips to the country for husband and I but it was worth the wait. We are finally the very proud and excited owners of our new country escape, beautiful barn and all!!!

I can only thank my very supportive and patient husband (and AURA team who have had put up with me and live the dream) for coming on this life journey with me.  Oh and thanks in advance for the huge amount of painting that he may have to do later in the year. I have been told very loudly that he doesn't like gardening!

My husbands pride and joy "the barn" every man needs a shed! Without the barn I don't think he would have let us buy it. But I have to agree it is rather gorgeous. Watch this space, I am looking forward to sharing our adventures when the work begins! Lots of painting, decorating and veggie planting ahead.....

1 comment:

  1. At least someone is living my dream!
    Congrats ,it's beautiful